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All in a Box of Chocolates


I walked through the front door yesterday, exhausted. Pieces of hair had fallen out of my tattered ponytail, and dark circles surrounded my sunken eyes. Unfortunately, I still had to make dinner, check homework, and pay some bills.

I walked through the front door taking a seat at my computer. While I waited impatiently for it to load, I realized I had not said hello to my boys. I decided to finish with the computer and then head upstairs to give them a kiss.

A thudding sound echoed from the staircase. My eleven-year-old son hopped down the stairs and came up behind me, “hi Momell.”

“Hi son, how are you?”

“Good,” he said leaning in toward me wrapping his arms around my shoulders. Of course, I returned the loving hug. When he kissed the top of my head and then laid something down in front of me, I smiled.

 “Is this my Christmas gift already?”

“Nope, this is for now,” he proudly announced seconds before he ran like a bolt of lightning up the stairs.

I took a second and stared at the thoughtful gift my son had bought for me. I opened the lid and marveled at the fancy decorated chocolates that adorned the box. They were perfect.

Then I opened the card that he had given me with the chocolates. In his best penmanship, he wrote “Mom, thank you for everything you do for me, for putting a roof over my head. You do not know how much it means to me. Love you, Mom.”

After wiping the tears from my eyes, I ran upstairs and gave him a hug and kiss. That one kind gesture gave me a new bounce in my step; revived to a degree that made everything I do, worth doing over a thousand times.

It is in those moments when our children express their appreciation that parenting becomes a rewarding job. When we believe that we cannot do anymore, their sincere, loving gesture makes us realize just how much more we can do.


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