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My Invincible 20’s Meets an Angel (My true story)

Although it feels like yesterday, this particular evening dates back to my mid twenties. I remember all the events of the night, which lead me to believe an angel paid me a visit. I am compelled to write about it. If for some reason, this man was a mere mortal then his actions were that of an Angel. I believe he understood, on this evening, he would save my life and quite possibly others. YOU decide for yourself.
Newly divorced with two small children, I decided to enjoy a night out on the town. A group of friends from work invited me out to dinner and drinks. I quickly accepted and called my usual babysitter for my 3-year-old and 9 month old sons. After getting ready, I drove out to Huntington Beach.
The evening consisted of friends, laughing, and liquor and by midnight, I had my fill of all three. It was time to go home but my blood alcohol level had far surpassed the legal limit. Nonetheless, I got in my car and started on my hazy trip home. Yes, one of the less intelligent things I have ever done.

The impairment to my vision left my focal point no further than 3 feet in front of me. I drove carefully and slow to Anaheim; A trip which should have taken twenty minutes took me an hour. Crawling to ones destination is never a good idea at One in the morning. Of course, you know what they say about Hindsight.

Even in my drunken state, I knew I was pushing my luck. Therefore, I carefully pulled into a gas station and decided to get a Grande cappuccino with a triple shot of mocha….okay gas stations didn’t really have those back then so I grabbed a large coffee with lots of cream and sugar.

Fumbling with my money to pay the cashier, I recognized there would be no way for me to make it home with the floating-on-air feeling and blurred vision. However, with two small children at home, I was an idiot determined to make the trip. While putting back the gas pump my foggy mind teetered back and forth with two options. One: take an hour nap in the gas station parking lot or two: hit the road.
While standing by the trunk of my car contemplating my options, coffee in hand, I noticed a straggly man walk from around the corner and into the gas station. Seconds later, he walked out with a soda in hand. This man APPEARED to be one-foot out-the-door of being homeless and he had his sights set on me. Without  hesitation, he walked up to the opposite side of my trunk and said “HI.”
Hazy and all, I felt my forehead wrinkle. HI?? I thought. This scary looking man approaches me, a 25-year-old female alone in a gas station, at 1 AM in the morning and his “HI” seems more like ‘I seen you here alone and I want to commit a crime.’ (Yes, I suppose I did a little profiling). With my guard up and an escape plan ready, I said HI back.
Our conversation consisted of small talk. He asked menial questions and I answered them between sips of my piping hot coffee. There were no prying questions. No come-on lines and he never asked my name, age, or marital status.
As the conversation continued, the coffee and cool air started to fight against the invited intruder coursing through my blood; my vision cleared up and the floating feeling was gone. An hour had passed and almost as quickly as he arrived, out of nowhere he said ‘Hey, you have a great night and drive safe’ he turned around and started to walk away from the gas station.
I watched as this mystery man walked further and further away. I think a part of me waited to see him disappear into a cloud of smoke. After all, who was that man I spent a random hour with?
While driving home in the wee hours of the morning, I recapped the past hour. I wondered if he wanted to talk because he was lonely. Maybe, but I do not think so. He had no ulterior motive and the abruptness, in which he left, at almost the exact minute I realized I had sobered, could not be a coincidence.
Furthermore, the quickness in which he approached me seconds after I put the cap back on the gas tank and seconds before I started to get back in my car to drive drunk, could not be a coincidence.
IF all of this were a coincidence, there is still no doubt in my mind someone or something sent him to me at that exact moment when inner conflict was causing me to veer toward a bad decision.
I know without a doubt that HE was definitely, on that night, my Angel. I know this because I had another opportunity to kiss my little ones goodnight before I floated off to sleep.


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