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Let the GAMES Begin!

 I decided it was time to get back to basics. I sent out a mass email to all our family (basics yes, but I’m not a fool to use snail mail) and asked them to join us in an old fashion, family game night.

I choose two fast-paced games I thought everyone of all ages might enjoy. We made a large pot of award-winning spaghetti with a flavorful meat sauce and soft, warm, just-out-of-the-oven, French bread with a homemade cake for dessert.

I gave my boys no other option than to stay downstairs away from the Xbox, WII and computer games which somehow rule every second of their lives. I do not think they have ever experienced a group of 12 coming together to play some old fashion, non-electronic games and so this was a first experience for them.

As family started to trickle in, we ate and then took our places around two long tables joined. Our favorite alternative rock bands faintly sounded through the house as background music. We broke out the dice of a game called Left Right Center, asked everyone to pull out their three dollars and began with the first roll.

It got exciting as the center of the table piled up with one dollar after another. And in the end of the first round, I lost the entire pile of money to another hungry, aggressive player, luck swaying in his corner.

After two rounds of our money game, we pulled out a game called Catch Phrase and hit the timer. Once again, our hearts beat fast, and laughter echoed from every person at the table. The bonds of teamwork became the forefront of the evening and aggressiveness was its counterpart. In the end, my team lost the game and in the heat of the moment, I threw out “we will destroy you next time.” Our opponents openly accepted the offer.

In today’s computer world where technology prevails and families have lost the basic skills of communication with those they love, this night was a welcome change. For a couple of hours, I laughed with my sisters and interacted with my teenage boys on an even playing field.

In these moments, we made memories together. In the end when my fourteen-year-old son said ‘Mom that was a lot of fun.’ I knew, on this night, we became closer as a family.



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