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Digging in Empty Pockets

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No matter what your profession we can all be, and probably have been, the subject of financially empty pockets. Just because one makes more money does not mean they are immune to financial poverty. As the term goes, “The more we make, the more we spend.”    

Let’s face it friends, we are a “want it now, pay for it later” generation giving our children what we felt we did not have.   

our savings is small; our bills pile up and our stress related medical issues keep our physicians in business. (Not to mention divorce lawyers)…  the reason whyOf course, with technology and the way it continually changes, the prices on these high ticket items continues to soar while we continue to buy our kids the latest greatest gadgets that flood the market; quite possibly enjoying them ourselves. Seldom are these acts of spending meticulously planned out and saved for. Hence,  

Enough is enough…   

A year ago I said exactly that. My assets were tied up in retirement funds, stocks and several parcels of land. So when my company told me I was being laid off work, I realized how tied up my assets were and felt the stress of survival without a paycheck. (Thank God the layoff never went through) Empty pockets led me to a new place in my life. A place where I determined “enough is enough” and so my research started.   

I wanted to find a way to have an emergency fund and six months worth of living expenses in an attainable savings account. So I read books and followed some of my favorite financial guru’s through their websites and radio shows. I felt determined.   

Then, I sat down and put together a user-friendly lifestyle sheet. Before I shared this sheet with anyone I started using it. My emergency fund grew, my debt disappeared (not by itself 🙂 ) and my six months of living expense savings has almost reached its mark.  I’ve made changes and adjustments that my family now embraces. My boys have stopped asking for everything they see and instead ask “Is it in the budget, mom.”    

It’s up to us to teach our children how to handle money, how to save and how to live a comfortable life in with financial boundaries. I feel blessed and wanted to share this with you. I hope you find the same comfort in using the lifestyle sheet that has changed my life.   

Please open instruction sheet first and then the budget sheet. You can use it, save it but you cannot make changes to it. Click on the words below  

Lifestyle Instructions  

Lifestyle budget sheet   














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LOST (The End)

This week has brought me a tinge of sadness. My two favorite television series have aired their final episode. It is a bitter-sweet end. 

Today, I want to share my thoughts about LOST 

There are many theories from unwavering fans of the Lost Phenomenon that have been posted on blog sites, Facebook, Twitter etc. Each and every one of us can interpret the six years invested in our favorite show anyway we would like. However, where we find common ground is in the way each character found their way into our hearts.  

My theory follows along the lines of many others and although it may ring in simplicity it is also spiritually profound.  

In simple terms, the Island was real, the people were real and the plane crash was real. The Island, like our world, housed good and evil. Both portrayed as brothers giving a likeness to the biblical brothers Cain and Able.  

When the plane crashed, those who survived went on to form relationships and friendships with their fellow survivors; playing a monumental role in each others lives.  

In the final season we watch our characters in their physical life; through their struggles to survive the crash of Oceanic Flight 815. Then we share in their metaphysical realm of the afterlife in their flash-sideways. We watch as each character, just outside the boundaries of time and physical existence, remembers the events during the most important time in their life while reconnecting with those important people so they can ‘move on’ together.  

In the end, Lost leaves the timeline interpretation to us. Did our characters die as a result of the crash or at another point during their journey?  

Although this is a simple interpretation of the LOST series, the story itself can pull you in deeper. Each scientific fact reflecting truth and some names modeled after prestigious people of the past; John Locke being the name of an English Philosopher in the 17th century.  

After six years of intensely watching the world surrounding LOST, I feel a sense of emptiness; an emptiness that any ending might bring. What makes me smile is knowing that at some point I plan to revisit LOST from beginning to end and experience the series from a knowing set of eyes. 


Share your thoughts…  

Watch a great LOST video (CLICK HERE)

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Finally Death


Finally Death

(The inevitable end to life)

It’s here
At my door
Yet I’m not scared
I’ve prepared for this day since infancy


Tetractys is a simple and interesting form of poetry. Write a poem, with only five lines. Each line adds one syllable until the last stanza which has ten syllables.

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