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The Single Parent


While walking out from work this evening I thought about the endurance we single parents need to have.

When you are single with no children, you worry about only yourself and your own interests. When you are married, there is always someone to fall back on. As a married couple, you will always have a friend to ponder with, a confidant to worry with, and a partner to share in life’s daily responsibilities.

For the single parent, life is challenging in other ways. My thoughts went over the struggles of a single parent during their daily life.

In a typical day, we have a plethora of things to remember. You see, for our children we are the providers, mothers, fathers, nurtures, chef, maid, taxi driver, and quite possibly their coach. Daily we must keep up this repute to keep life running smoothly. Daily, these demands can drain the life right out of one person.

Finally, when the children are in bed and the house is quite, we jack-of-all-trades, must steal a moment’s time for ourselves to recharge our bodies, reboot our minds and keep up on our sanity meter. After all, in the morning our children will need the same attention they have demanded each day of their lives.

This morning started out strong. I woke on time. I stood in the shower with my eyes closed while the piping hot water pelted my face. I made great use of the five minutes I had before a little hand would come pounding on my bathroom door, ready to start the day.

I ironed my clothes and theirs, quickly dried my hair, helped the children dress, packed lunches for us all, and loaded up the rug-rats in the car. I threw up the taxi sign on the top of my vehicle and started dropping off talkative, energized youngens to their destinations before I headed to work. The skillful juggling of applying makeup while driving is an art that I am proud to say I have perfected.

Eight grueling hours of work while sprinkling in personal/business, phone calls at lunch did not stop there. Today would be a late workday. Of course, being the provider, extra money takes stress away in one of my other departments of expertise.

One hat off, the other one on.

After, none other than mom the chef, makes dinner, homework is corrected, last-minute projects are thrown at me (this is where my problem solving skills come in), and chores are done I can sit down and take a breath. Not a long one, just a few, going into labor, breaths and then I am back at it. Laundry, bills, blogging, last-minute clean up and then the moment I have waited for, recharging.

Of course, all of this takes place on a day without drum lessons, piano lessons, bible study, sport practices and the occasional relative that decides to pop-in unannounced.

I am in awe of the single parent. The challenges we overcome on a daily basis alone can feel burdensome. However, we know at the end of the day when we tuck the children into bed and they tell you how much they love you that the rewards far outweigh the weariness you might feel.

Today, the single parent is my hero. The accomplishments you made today with no shoulder to lean on is a remarkable feat. Pat yourself on the back, take a deep breath, and realize you are making your mark on the world, through the children, that witness your skillful execution of life.


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