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A Spirit Captured on Film

A Spirit Captured on Film

(True Story)


My sister, Michelle, has a gift, or a curse depending on how you look at it. She can see spirits. Do not misunderstand, she does not see spirits walking the earth, but sometimes they will show themselves and then leave– all but one. She has a spirit that follows her each time she moves into a new home. He is not mean or wicked, and Michelle thinks he is there to protect her and watch over her. Either way, it is often unnerving.

One evening while lying in bed with her husband, she could not sleep. Her Chiwawa had curled up right next to her side of the bed sound asleep, a slight snore blowing from his snout. Annoyed at the sound, she stared down at him. When his head popped up, and he barked toward the open hallway, naturally Michelle’s eyes flew that direction. There in the doorway stood a spirit wearing tattered clothes, and he was bloody. Instantly, he disappeared. Yet when she glanced back at her dog, his low, insistent growl still lingered.

 Nothing could have prepared her for last Saturday. In a fluke, she captured a spirit on film. This is what happened.

 Her ten-month-old son sat in his playpen enjoying his toys. While flipping through channels, she stopped at a news station to catch the latest happenings. Three men talked about politics in a casual debate.

 Her attention diverted from the television and settled on her son. She picked up her camera and started taking pictures. He was making faces, and they both laughed hysterically. Periodically, she glanced up at the television to listen to the debate. Yet, she continued to snap pictures of her playful son. Where she sat, her pictures bounced off the mirrored closet door.   

Here, are the pictures my sister took of her child.



 On Monday at work, she sent me an email along with the pictures. Her headline said “April, look at this picture. There is a fourth person in the television set, but there were only three people on this newscast.”

If you look at the picture below, you will see, what looks like, a little old man with no teeth looking in the direction of my sister. He is laughing with them. Tell me your thoughts.



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