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My early years were nothing short of a fairytale. Once upon a time, and they lived happily ever after. My parents met at the young age of seventeen and after marriage, started a family. Mom stayed home with us three girls, while dad made the money. They were a team to be reckoned with and after 42 years, they still are.

I played sports, learned to play the clarinet and accordion (12 years) as well as read and write music. However, what stands out the most are the years that the five of us spent at the karate studio studying Kenpo Karate (13 years together) and entering in tournaments. We were our own cheerleading squad. The stability and love that radiated through my home and my family are some of the greatest memories that I have.

I met a man, married him, and had blessing after blessing within my two handsome boys. They are my conscience and common sense. They keep me grounded and emotionally level, but let’s face it, they sure do know how to weasel their way into my pocket-book and drain my money. 🙂  My marriage ended and I started down the long road of raising two boys into two courteous, respectful young men.

In my teens, I wrote poetry. In my early twenties, I wrote short stories. All the while, I worked as a litigation analyst for a large company, thinking that law was the field I wanted to practice. I went to paralegal school, spent endless hours in the law library, and even more hours in the courtroom, all to decide that practicing law was not what I wanted.

Within this same company, I became a Custom Broker—spending the next 11 years working directly with FDA and FWS clearing international shipments into the country. No matter what I did in my professional life, I knew in my heart that I was a writer.

One day, I sat down at the computer and put together an entire story. Day in and day out, I wrote this story for the women in my family, naming each character after my family members. It developed into an amazing romance of love, strength, heartache, and dedication. Enticing the Moon was born.

I printed the story, went to bed and the next morning when I put my floppy (yes floppy) back in the computer it said “disk corrupt.” I was so angry I threw the entire manuscript in a drawer for over a year. When I finally pulled it out of that drawer and started retyping the book, word for word, into the computer, I found a new love for my characters and their struggles. My story developed further.

Since then I have written Dividing Destiny and I.O.U and I’m working on my next Mancini story. I have six other books on the back burner that will one day see the light of day. I have also entered in a plethora of writing contests in order to hone in on my craft. I hope that my stories touch your heart, make you laugh or take you on the ride of your life.

Thank you for being a friend, reader, and/or partner in the world of writing fiction.


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