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I.O.U. The Mancini Saga

On October 12, 2009, I woke from a sound sleep, startled by a disturbing dream–a dream that led me to write–I.O.U.  

Over the course of the past year, I did mounds of research on Cults, cult leaders and their followers. Some things were greatly disturbing while other things left me astounded.

Today, I want to share this story with you; take you into the life of Mia Baker and Carlo Mancini. Follow Mia as she struggles to escape from behind the compound walls, finds an inner drive to survive, and battles with the persisting guilt of leaving her family behind.  This is a story of dedication, strength, and perseverance.

Currently, I.O.U. can be purchased on Amazon eBooks at the following link: April M. Reign’s I.O.U.  and the paperback and hardback will be available within two weeks.

And for your viewing pleasure, please watch the book trailer of I.O.U., which was filmed in NYC.   Book Trailer

Please share this with your friends, family or those book lovers that you may have in your life. I’m striving to get my book out there for everyone to enjoy.


With much appreciation,

April M. Reign

Author of
Enticing the Moon
I.O.U The Mancini Saga
Dividing Destiny (Soon to be released)


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